Which Pack To Use For XC Skiing?

Is there really a reason why skiiers wont have a perfect fit hydration action backpack? We don't think so! In 2017 we started a cooperation with the two biggest ski events in the Nordics, Vasaloppet and Birken. Our target was to move our success from the multisport packs into XC skiing. In the winter of 2018/2019 we can clearly see a trend of more action packs in XC skiing. More and more of the skiers choose to do the long races with our packs and many more is now using them for training. But why?


The Vertical™ packs comes in two sizes, 4L and 10L. Both are designed to fit a cross country skier perfectly. The race harness is built on our patented NDM (No Dancing Monkey) system and gives you a bounce free sensation. It also ensures you to get the straps over your chest and not in your armpits. Both of these features are essential for XC skiing.


The other reasons for using the hydration packs is about hydration and gear. The Vertical series comes with a hydration system built in the pack. The hydration bladder is placed in a sleeve close to your back and the tube is on your chest for easy reach. In the Vertical series you can also bring the gear needed for a long race or a full day out training. Bring a dry base layer, an extra jacket, dry gloves, your phone and some extra ski wax. Bring something to eat or... bring what's in your mind. If you want to have your phone at hand, we recommend our neoprene phone pocket (not included). The material is insulated and helps the phone to keep a functioning temperature while still in reach for you.

4L OR 10L

Both packs are built on the same platform. The 10L pack provides more space, but can easily be adjusted to be slim on your back. If you want to be minimalistic, choose the Vertical 4L. If you want to bring more gear, choose the 10L. If you cant choose? Well its ok, we know how it feels. 


The main issue in cold condition is the wind in front of the pack. If you're out on a long session in freezing conditions, always keep the mouth piece and the tube clear from water. This is easily done by blowing the fluids gently back to the bladder. If you want to be on the safe side we recommend that you gear your Vertical pack with an insulated tube (not included).